What is a PhillyTalkRadio Correspondent and how do I become one?

A website with the scope of Phillytalkradio.com can not run by itself, nor with the effort of just one person. It takes people who, by their small, individual contributions, make this whole website useful and informative for everyone.

A Correspondent is a responsible adult who, by their willingness to contribute at least a few minutes of their time every week, is given the ability to directly update content on this website about their favorite show(s), monitor message board(s), and even have a web page dedicated to them allowing them express themselves as they wish with their own commentary.


Featured Shows and Correspondents go hand in hand. In order for a talk show to be Featured, the added elements of message boards, show news, etc. must be maintained. It doesn't take much time and effort, just a few minutes a week filling out simple forms through your web browser. You will be expected to contribute regularly, however.

It is only in return for this service that a Correspondent is given the freedoms they may enjoy. After a probation period, a Correspondent must perform these services responsibly and on a regular basis if they are to continue being a correspondent.

Correspondents will also be held accountable to read, understand and follow our Content Policy

I'm a talk show host, can I simply get my show featured here by occassionally promoting this website on the air?

You work at a radio station? Whoop-de-doo. You will not be given special treatment because you are on the air or work in a radio station.

Phillytalkradio.com doesn't care about "hits". We do not use a hit counter.

Unlike the industry, this website is not in it for "the money".

While we have spent hundreds of hours and dollars for this website, we have not received ONE DOLLAR, IN ANY WAY as a result from any promotion of this website has had in the past, nor do we expect to in the future.

Talk Show Hosts have nothing to offer us by promoting this website on the air. They will not get anything special in return.

Talk Show Hosts should only promote this website if they think their show and their fans will benefit from it.

OK, how do I become a correspondent?

Correspondents must answer some simple questions, then a form.

Proceed to application















What's a "Featured" Show?

A Featured Show is a regularly scheduled radio talk show that is given:

  • Dedicated message boards.
  • Regularly updated news and information about the show and the discussed topics.
  • Optional features such as online polling and a mailing list












Regular Basis?

If you are unable or unwilling to add a commentary, update show news or moderate a message board at least 3 times a month (vacations excluded), then you will not be given the privilege to have your own web page here.

NOTE: without an active, sponsoring correspondent, a show will be dropped from its "Featured" status.















Probation Period?

We have fallen victim to people applying to be Correspondents, then, when their show became Featured, they disappeared. With our new system, which allows Correspondents the ability to add their own commentaries onto the web, we are at even greater risk to a hit and run.

To prevent such abuse, when a correspondent is accepted, their show is made a Featured show with Show highlight updates which the correspondent may update. The correspondent must give at least two weeks duty to show their ability to use the system, show their dedication, etc. If they can't do that small task, however, then they and the show they wanted featured will be dropped.




















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