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Our Goals

THIS WEBSITE is a source of information and expression for those listeners of Talk Radio in the Philadelphia and Delaware Valley area who wish to add to their talk radio experience.

UNLIKE BROADCAST TALK RADIO, however, we are not restrained by commerial interests and government regulation which would restrict what we discuss, or the extent we discuss it. We do not have to "move along" or simply ban subjects because of the "controversy".

Here, can engage in a lengthy coverage of an issue. We do not have to "break away" to keep things "flashy". We could use four letter words here (if we choose to) and no one will yank our "license" or "sponsorship". We can honestly discuss the quality of a sponsor's product or service, for example, because we are not financially beholden to their good will. And yes, we can allow people to say if they don't like a show.

Additionally, this website is a demonstration of various web disciplines that we intend to demonstrate as a means of promoting more business to Twin Seas web design and hosting.

Content Policy

The Nature and Structure of this Website

There are two levels of entities here. The first level is the structure of this website, the second is the correspondent/user layer.

The Website Layer

This website has cataloged Talk Radio shows and radio stations in the Delaware Valley. We have provided a means by which our Correspondents and users can freely voice their opinions about most anything related to Philly Talk Radio.

In terms of the stations, shows, employers, employees and other agents, the core mission of website will remain NEUTRAL. Think of this website as the phone company, who really doesn't care WHAT you talk about on the phone.

For example: if a popular show is threatened to be canceled, the correspondents may write extensively about it, the users may post many messages about it, and the news items, sourcing the authors, may be added. The general structure of the website will not be changed, however.

We will not "devote" this website to the benefit (or detriment) of any show or station. Market forces will make shows and stations come and go. This website will remain.

Until further notice, this nature of this website will not serve as an "agent" for anyone in the Talk Radio industry. (such as featuring one show above other featured shows). We will not take "marching orders" from any one in the business in return for intangable and immaterial "favors" such as "promotion" or "inside" information (which mostly comes out eventually). The general structure of this website (as opposed to correspondent contributions) will not promote petitions, campaigns, etc.


This website runs on a relational database which contains tables of information which dynamically interact with one another through the computer programs which run on the web server. As it is structured, there are three main entities of information kept track of in our system: Stations, Shows and Correspondents. Other systems, however, interact with this data, such as our Schedule system (which selects the "On The Air" shows on the home page).

There are dozens of fill-in hosts, hundreds of people "behind the scenes" such as news reporters and producers, and scores of shows that used to be on which we'd all like to remember. As our system is set up, however, in order for us to include a Show, it must be on a Station receivable in the Delaware Valley area (that is, in our database) and have a regular weekly scheduled time (for our schedule system). Someday we hope we can include listing these other entities by expanding our system.

The Correspondent and User Layer

The other "layer" is where the correspondents and users come in. We expect and encourage these people to be passionate advocates for and against talk radio stations, shows and issues. A correspondent could be a listener, a regular caller or someone within the industry. What they write about and the manner in which to express themselves is their responsibilty. The source of correspondent articles and user messages and comments are noted, and that content will remain separate from the general structure of this website.


  • To bridge these two concepts together, say you are in the industry (a biased advocate), and you become a correspondent, freely adding your own content, promoting shows, activities and issues as you please. The wording you use and the number of contributions you make may vary in strength in comparison to other correspondents. The presentation of your contributions, however, will be given greater emphasis than other correspondents because "you're in the business".
  • The web will not take sides to discourage some philosophies over others.
  • Simple personal attacks will be strongly discouraged (due to their general lack of quality). Artful insulting and honest emotion, however, may be well tolerated.
  • Charles Cotton, is a correspondent himself. An effort will be made, however, to clearly distinguish between the editorial / correspondent layer and the "objective" website layer.

Content and Contributions

As it is, this website is dependent upon people to provide its content. If there are stations or shows which we have failed to include in our listings, it is up to the users (you!) to let us know of our omissions.

Featured Stations are a function of our shows listings. If we list even one talk show on a station, that station automatically becomes "Featured" (although the level of content will vary).

Featured Shows are a function of our Correspondents. In order to a show to be Featured, it must have a supporting Correspondent. Featured shows will have their own news, message forum and more, as the given correspondent is willing to manage. Shows and Stations may have multiple correspondents. The contributions of a correspondent are duly cited.

If you want something added, you have to tell us what to add! (including links on our Internet links page).

Local vs Syndicated Shows

While we will try to sponsor locally produced shows due to their ability to better serve this region, we have come to recognize the popularity and influence that the nationally syndicated shows have. This being the case, we will no longer put greater emphasis on local shows, nor will we de-emphasize the national shows. We will label them as such, however, and we hope our correspondents to be weighted toward the local variety, but we will not require them to be.

Knocks on this Website and the People Who Run It

While we allow the free flowing exchange of ideas and opinions, let this be your notice that we will draw the line when it comes to personal attacks or similar vitriol aimed against this website or personally against the people who run it. Any such personal attacks will not appear for long on this website.

Correspondents who make online personal attacks toward other Phillytalkradio staff, will be harshly dealt with.

How this Website was Created

PHP is the language that every page of this website is written in.

The database backend is MySQL.

Every page was edited in UltraEdit.

Macromedia Dreamweaver was used to help automate the production of the HTML markups and general website management.

Adobe Photoshop, Macromedia Flash, Macromedia Fireworks were used for Graphics.

Additional CGI and Java programs were used.

A personal perspective by webmaster Charles Cotton

FOR OVER 30 YEARS I have been a fan of talk radio. Growing up in Atlantic City, I remember during the late 1960's, I used to look forward to Friday evenings, because it was then that people as young as myself could get a call accepted at Pinky's Corner, an evening talk show which was hosted by Pinky Kravits on WOND.

Back in the day, I would listen to Pinky (who, incidentally, is very tall much like "Wee" Willie Weber is and is STILL ON THE AIR) would stir things up during the pre-casino years of Atlantic City when it felt like a town in middle America. I vividly remember the time that Mr. Kravits helped organize a meeting and established a volunteer (or non-profit, at least) ambulance service.

I thought how wonderful it was to be able to take this medium of radio, and instead of simple entertainment, or simply reporting news and sports, it could actually help make a difference to our community.

We move to the West side of South Jersey in the early 1970's, (Pennsauken, where I could see the Roxboro antenna farm across the river, then Woodbury, from where I can see the top of Veteran's stadium). In 1975, I became an intern at WXPN. At that time, WXPN and WWDB were both playing jazz (WXPN's jazz was much more progressive compared to the "Latin Casino" style that WWDB had been playing). Around that time, I became friends with WXPN late night host Wayne Cotter (who now does specials for the Discovery Channel). I was a member of a small number of regular callers. I remember one night when we all got together for a party at the station, and I did magic tricks for everyone.

In 1975, a news source (I forgot what it was, but it could have been Rolling Stone) came out with a list of awards for Radio stations in Philadelphia. "Best Jazz Station" went to the non-profit, student-run WXPN. We at WXPN took the award in stride. We knew we had the best jazz. The real ego boost, however, came within a couple of weeks after the report, when our competition, WWDB, changed their format to Talk Radio in apparent defeat!

Years passed. I was a loyal listener to Irv Homer, expecially during the year of the Iranian hostage situation. It was then that Howard Jarvis of California started the "tax revolt" and it seemed that Irv Homer was going to take care of the East coast by educating people about the IRS!

In the early 1980's, while I was working, I would regularly listen to (and call in) The Susan Bray show when she was on the 9 AM shift. I recall crossing swords with her on a number of times.

In the mid 1980's, when I worked in the Strawbridge and Clothier advertising department's darkroom, I used to get ready for work while listening to Dominique Quinn.

to be continued...

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